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After a loved one dies, you and your family may be faced with difficult days and unfamiliar tasks. Empathy is available to help you as part of the Goldman Sachs Ayco SurvivorSupport® benefit provided by your or your loved one’s employer.

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Human compassion, supercharged by technology

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Supporting families through lossReviews from Empathy users

Helped me through rough times

Pretty good resources for support and guidance. Helped me go through times where I had no idea what to do and how to deal with life.

Review by

Empathy is wonderful. It has so many answers to questions I had, all written down in short, simple and clear language. I'm highly impressed, and very grateful to have empathy with me in this journey. Thank you to the team.

Play Store Review by
Dan Austin

Love love love this app!!! It has made things easier to understand & helped so much in figuring out exactly what all was needing to be done bc none of my family realized it was this complicated & had to go thru court but this has made it so much easier & helped us to make sure nothing was missed.

Play Store Review by
Kara Marie Reid

Phenomenal app. With no more family alive, it could be presumed my level of expertise in this matter would be great. Unfortunately, Life became different with each passing. As to be expected, alongside that stress grew significantly causing multitudes of chaos and calamity that the empathy app alleviated instantly. I couldn't be at this level of moving forward without empathy. Don't hesitate on the premium subscription. It's extremely beneficial in communicating with professionals involved.

Play Store Review by
Nicole Shanks

This app has helped me a lot when I lost my husband due to COVID-19. At a time like that it's hard enough to think let alone remember everything that needs to be done after a loved one passes.

Play Store Review by
James Golden
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