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Am I entitled to free support?
Am I entitled to free support?
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Am I entitled to free support?
Supporting families through loss

A guiding angel!!!

After my mother’s passing, I had no clue about how to proceed with taking care of all the legal and personal affairs...all this while I just wanted to grieve like a normal person. I downloaded the empathy app after a friend recommended it and all I can say is that this app has been a true guiding angel for me :-)

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Loss is hard! Empathy helps…

I reached out to Empathy about details of my deceased Mother’s property and legal logistics and the Empathy app has helped me during this tough time. It’s a life changer!

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This app has helped me a lot when I lost my husband do to COVID-19. At a time like that it's hard enough to think let alone remember everything that needs to be done after a loved one passes.

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James Golden

Great Guide during a Difficult Time

I suddenly lost my father and empathy has tremendously helped me figure out all of the steps needed to move through the estate process.

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To my little brother

Recently lost a sibling and this app became a life saver. It helped navigate through all the uncertainties of my emotions, and tasks that needed to be done

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Am I entitled to free support?
Ayco Personal Financial Management

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