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Empathy is proud today to announce that we are partnering with Compassus – a leading provider of hospice care, with over 200 locations across 29 states – to support more families who have lost a loved one, in even more ways.

This partnership is in many ways a perfect fit for Empathy, as the services we offer complement those provided by Compassus. Hospices are on the front lines of care, looking after the needs of patients in their final days and weeks, as well as supporting and guiding their families through this extremely difficult time. Empathy was built to provide this same support and guidance to the families after their loved one has passed away. Together, we will provide continuity of care to families when they need it most.

Hospices provide full-circle support to patients and their families, making sure that all of their needs are taken care of during these challenging days. By adding Empathy’s services to the benefits they offer, Compassus can now extend the care they give to families after their patients have passed, with personalized navigation through all aspects of loss and the logistics that follow.

The Empathy app provides a holistic solution for every detail of the weeks and months after a loved one dies. Our technology personalizes support for grieving families, adapting our guidance to their situation and their specific needs. Want help writing an obituary? Whenever you’re ready to sit down and write, Empathy is there to guide you through the format and help you write one. Need to start closing all your loved one’s open accounts? We’ve got lists for you to go through, with all of the contact information right at your fingertips. Feeling super down and in need of emotional support? You can choose an audio guide to grief and listen to some calming and understanding words. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, the app is there for you.

By partnering with Empathy, Compassus has taken an extra step, improving the bereavement support they offer beyond legal requirements and industry standards, to truly support families at the time they need it most.

Beginning today, families whose loved one has passed away under Compassus’s care will be given their own complimentary Empathy account, as part of Compassus’s offering of bereavement support. Empathy will provide unlimited access to all of its features to all Compassus families, for as long as they need them.

It’s an exciting partnership, extending our reach and our assistance to more families in this most difficult time in their lives. And one step further in our journey to changing the way the world deals with loss.

Care Stories

I felt like I was flying blind

Angela, 33, Grieving her mother

My mom wasn’t just my mom. She was my best friend. But when I went to write her obituary, I froze. I felt like I was letting her down. In my grief, the words just didn’t come. The Care Specialist brainstormed with me, getting me to talk about my mom: her favorite holiday traditions, her prized possessions (she loved her Aerosmith concert tees). Then she walked me through an obituary writing tool and showed me how to invite family members to collaborate — I started writing and writing. I was so exhausted, and so relieved. And it was all on the page, everything that made mom so unforgettable.