The Cost of Dying

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We asked over 2,000 families from across the US about the death of a loved one, and how much it cost them in terms of money, time, health, and more. Get your copy of the report.
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Understanding the true burden of loss

13 months
to handle all affairs; 20 months if the estate goes through probate
average expense falling on families after a loved one dies
Four family members, on average, were involved in the process of dealing with loss
said dealing with loss harmed their work performance
experienced clinical physical or psychological symptoms of stress

Dying in America is expensive, and those costs fall heavy on those who are left behind.

Our first annual report investigates the scope of the burden faced by families handling the loss of a loved one, focusing on the practical tasks that take up time, energy, and money but are rarely addressed by bereavement support. Experts in the end-of-life field help us understand how we might use these statistics to better support those dealing with loss.

Bring Empathy to your company

Everyone deserves help after loss. Join us to find the support your families need.