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Empathy and Compassus are partnering to offer you complimentary premium access to Empathy’s bereavement support services. Together, we are here to help you find peace, dignity, and meaning in everything that comes next

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Empathy’s dedicated Care Managers are available to provide personalized, one-on-one practical and emotional support, no matter what you are dealing with. They can be reached via chat, email, text or phone.

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Compassionate care, powered by technology

Our app can help with loss-related tasks, from funeral planning and claiming benefits to understanding probate and closing your loved one’s accounts. Through a combination of time-saving tools and personalized support, you and your family will get the help you need at the exact moment you need it.

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Finding a way to cope with sleepless nights
Joseph, 62, grieving his wife
All day I’m OK. It’s the nights that get you. When it’s 3 a.m., 4 a.m., I feel like the only person in the world. Watching TV doesn’t help. I can’t pay attention—all I can think about is my wife, and the big empty bed. I started listening to audio episodes on the Empathy app, to hear a friendly voice and not have the pressure to talk. Right away, I feel less alone. I’ve learned a lot about grief—and I share the episodes with my daughters. We’ve also been using the family collaboration features in the app, so they can help me with all the decisions we need to make about my wife’s belongings and accounts. But it’s nice to have something positive to share with them, too.