Supporting families in the aftermath of loss.

Losing someone is hard enough. Families in grief are often faced with a mountain of tasks, from funeral planning to closing accounts to dealing with the estate. Empathy is an app that guides the bereaved through all the practical and emotional hardships that may follow.


Joining forces to ensure continuity of care

NHPCO and Empathy have partnered to bring the families of those under your care access to Empathy’s personalized, human-centered app. As a special offer, qualified brands get a 30% discount on the premium app, branded with your company name alongside Empathy’s - plus no setup fees.

Reimagined bereavement support
Empathy is here to support and guide families through all of the complex tasks and experiences of the days and months ahead, so that they can focus on the things that really matter.
Helping hospices support families through loss
Personalized guidance
Personalized guidance
Tailored, step-by-step instructions help families manage accounts, claim benefits, administer an estate, and more.
Real-time communication
Real-time communication
Real-time chat with Care Managers who can help find information, solve problems, and locate service providers.
Family collaboration
Family collaboration
Sharing with up to 10 family members to partner on tasks and keep everyone informed and updated.
Grief support
Grief support
Audio episodes that offer comfort, understanding, and guidance through all the twists and turns of grief.
Time-saving tools
Time-saving tools
Innovative solutions that take the guesswork out of claiming benefits, cancelling accounts, writing an obituary, and more.
“The set of Empathy services helps Compassus expand our commitment to provide a new standard of bereavement services, bringing even more emotional and logistical support to the patients and families we serve.”
Jim Deal, CEO of Compassus
The Wall Street Journal
USA Today
The Washington Post
Meeting the mark for hospice bereavement services

By investing in quality bereavement care for their patients’ families, hospice agencies extend support during a very challenging time. This continuity of care is good for families, good for hospices, and good for the community at large.

Providing more than the minimum for the primary bereaved

The assistance families need after the passing of a loved one are complex and diverse, and the level of care provided is limited by the resources of the hospice agency. There is a need for innovative, tailored solutions that all hospices can access.

Hospice bereavement support: Thinking outside the box

Hospice was born out of a desire to move away from the sterile hospital deaths so common in the middle of the 20th century toward a model of a “good death.” The time has come for hospices to continue evolving with our swiftly changing world.

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