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Empathy is designed to save you time, provide clarity, and to be of service to you. We can help you find local professionals or close your loved one’s accounts on your behalf, and we offer a wide range of grief-related resources to guide you through the hardest days.

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The Empathy app gives you step-by-step instructions for everything you need to take care of, tailored to your specific location and situation. With helpful tools that simplify even the hardest tasks, and the human support you need at any time.

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Clearing up IRA confusion
Melissa, 49, grieving her husband
My husband hadn’t listed me as a beneficiary on his IRA account. I’m the only beneficiary in his will, but for an IRA apparently that doesn’t matter. My attention span to work on a problem like this was just zip. My brain felt foggy all the time. I was walking around every day on no sleep, on autopilot. The person I chatted with at Empathy quickly helped me create my own IRA account, so I could transfer my husband’s money into it. Then she checked in with me over the next couple of weeks until I got all the funds. I can’t tell you what a relief that was.
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Finding a way to cope with sleepless nights
Joseph, 62, grieving his wife
All day I’m OK. It’s the nights that get you. When it’s 3 a.m., 4 a.m., I feel like the only person in the world. Watching TV doesn’t help. I can’t pay attention—all I can think about is my wife, and the big empty bed. I started listening to audio episodes on the Empathy app, to hear a friendly voice and not have the pressure to talk. Right away, I feel less alone. I’ve learned a lot about grief—and I share the episodes with my daughters. We’ve also been using the family collaboration features in the app, so they can help me with all the decisions we need to make about my wife’s belongings and accounts. But it’s nice to have something positive to share with them, too.
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Making an insurance delay go away
Michelle, 71, grieving her husband
I can’t believe how much time I spent just trying to get our life insurance company on the phone. When I finally did, they told me it’s going to take at least three months to pay out his policy. It was the shock of my life. All the financial planning we did, that I was relying upon—well, I didn’t plan for this. I just didn’t have the time or energy to chase them down on the phone. When I reached out to a Care Manager, everything was accelerated. She contacted the insurance company for me, called them back day after day, and was able to cut that three months in half. After six weeks, they cut me a check.



Empathy is for everyone, because loss affects everyone. We’re proud to support every person and family, regardless of their age, race, religion, ethnicity, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

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