Improving access to care for your employees when they need it most

Published on Jun 27, 2023

When someone steps into the role of caregiver for their parent, spouse, or another family member, it is more than an expression of love or a fulfillment of duty. It’s a major life change. The time-consuming, unpaid, and often undervalued work doesn’t just add hours of labor each day. It shifts priorities, profoundly affecting everything from daily life to work performance. 

In the event that a loved one being cared for passes away, caregivers’ responsibilities do not disappear. Instead, they face a new set of daunting challenges. Grieving a loved one and managing the legal, financial, and administrative aspects of settling their affairs can turn a person’s routines, sense of identity, and even their whole world upside down.

In effect, bereavement is a type of caregiving—the two go hand in hand. Thus, it is critical that caregiving and bereavement solutions work together. 

For this reason, we are proud to announce a new partnership with Family First, a provider of personalized solutions helping alleviate caregiving challenges faced by employees. Through this partnership, Empathy and Family First will empower progressive, family-oriented employers with the tools they need to fully support employee caregivers facing a wide array of challenges, including those following loss.

Empathy was founded on the idea that when we help families, we all win. And by partnering with Family First, we are furthering that mission, to help more families during moments that matter. 

This latest partnership with Family First shows that the caregiving space is broadening its view beyond the immediate crisis of caring for an unwell family member. To truly help caregivers and their families, care cannot end when a loved one passes away. 

After all, the demands—and the stakes—are high for families dealing with illness and for families dealing with a loved one’s passing. And in both cases, they may push themselves to their breaking point to be there for the people they love.

With Empathy and Family First, family-oriented employers now have the tools they need to offer continuity of care through the toughest days, weeks, and months of their employees’ lives. When a family goes through seismic change to care for one of their own, or to recover from their passing, there are simply not enough hours in the day in many cases. The experience is overwhelming—but it doesn't have to be. Every family deserves support in their most overwhelming moments, whenever they come. We are proud to be working with companies like Family First who are helping to lead the way to make that happen. Because when families win, we all win.

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