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Empathy for Life Insurance

Beneficiary care, built for the 21st century

Transform the beneficiary experience and truly honor your long-standing relationship with policyholders, making good on your commitment to take care of their loved ones after they are gone.

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Beneficiary support that goes beyond a payout
Closing accounts app screen
Administrative Support
Funeral planning
Probate & estates
Bills & debt
Claiming benefits
Closing accounts
Day-to-day tasks
Emotional support app screen
Emotional Support
Grief guidance
Returning to work
Daily check-ins
Enduring feelings
Dealing with family
Maintaining routine
Our Approach
Helping you support families
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For Carriers
Full coverage
Extend your support from the financial to include emotional and administrative peace of mind as well.
Empowering agents
Agents offer more than just a policy, a full package that makes their pitch attractive and sets them up to win.
Honoring relationships
Truly make good on your commitment to lift families up at the hardest time in their lives, leaving them feeling cared for.
Generational loyalty
Transform a transaction into a relationship, and beneficiaries are more likely to become your next policyholders.
Leveraging technology
Scalable solutions that allow you to give on-demand support to families 24/7.
For Families
Insurance provides financial peace of mind; we complement that with full-circle administrative and emotional support.
Everyone goes through loss in their own way. Our support is tailored to each family’s specific situation.
We meet families where they are, empowering them with tools and knowledge without pressure or judgment.
We take tedious and difficult tasks off the family’s hands so they can spend time on what is most important.
Always there
Families can access all the features whenever they need, on their own schedule, along with 24/7 real-time support.
Empathy has a really good app. It is guiding the beneficiary, managing both the emotion and the logistical sort of aspects of loss. Focusing on the beneficiaries is an important part of delivering our value proposition.
Empathy has a really good app. It is guiding the beneficiary, managing both the emotion and the logistical sort of aspects of loss. Focusing on the beneficiaries is an important part of delivering our value proposition.
—Alex Cook, Senior Vice President, New York Life Insurance Company
The Cost of Dying Report 2022
Examining the true impact of bereavement in America

Created in collaboration with world-renowned experts

Empathy’s uniquely effective approach to loss was built in partnership with a range of industry experts, including world-renowned experts in grief and loss, leading trusts and estates law firms, top innovators in consumer tech and data security, and many others.

David KesslerDavid KesslerChief Empathy OfficerGrief expert and author of Finding Meaning: “The Sixth Stage of Grief”
BJ MillerBJ MillerEmpathy advisorPalliative care physician and co-author of “A Beginner’s Guide to the End”
Mary O’ReillyMary O’ReillyPartner, Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein & Breitstone, LLPDistinguished Trusts & Estates attorney and prominent estate planning lecturer

Proven to help families when they need it, how they need it

70% better spirits
App users report improved outlook and mood.
75% more time
Empathy’s tools save families dozens of hours every month.
24/7 access to care
Users can chat with a Care Manager for immediate advice.
4.6/5.0 star rating
Users feeld heard, understood and supported.
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Human compassion, supercharged by technology

phone with care team conversation
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Finding a way to cope with sleepless nights
Joseph, 62, grieving his wife
All day I’m OK. It’s the nights that get you. When it’s 3 a.m., 4 a.m., I feel like the only person in the world. Watching TV doesn’t help. I can’t pay attention—all I can think about is my wife, and the big empty bed. I started listening to audio episodes on the Empathy app, to hear a friendly voice and not have the pressure to talk. Right away, I feel less alone. I’ve learned a lot about grief—and I share the episodes with my daughters. We’ve also been using the family collaboration features in the app, so they can help me with all the decisions we need to make about my wife’s belongings and accounts. But it’s nice to have something positive to share with them, too.
Give beneficiaries the care they deserve
Join us to bring Empathy to every family experiencing the challenges of loss.