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Setting a hospice standard for bereavement support

For over 40 years, the NHPCO has set the standard for end-of-life care, including bereavement support. Now Empathy and the NHPCO are teaming up to raise that bar, empowering families by giving them the tools, guidance, and information they need.

A new chapter in supporting bereaved families: Empathy’s Series A

Our $30 million Series A investment will facilitate and drive our continued relentless focus on the field of loss, as we advance our efforts to provide high-quality and much-needed care for everyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one.

Relationships, not transactions: The next evolution of life insurance

New York Life, the largest life insurance company in the US, has been providing families with financial peace of mind for over 175 years; by partnering with Empathy, it will expand its support to emotional and administrative peace of mind as well.

From the press
Someone who is finely attuned to how important technology can be when life takes an unpredictable turn is David Kessler… He discovered Empathy [and] was so impressed by how technology could reconfigure end-of-life planning and processing that he ended up joining the Empathy team, where he now works as the Chief Empathy Officer.
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