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Published on May 31, 2023

Every life insurance claim represents a moment of loss. And that loss can bring with it many challenges that families are often not prepared for. Whether it is closing a myriad of open accounts, handling the complexities of probate, or weathering the hardest days of grief, beneficiaries may be struggling with a great deal over the weeks and months that follow their claim. Their payout can lighten that load for them in some ways, but there is only so much that money can help with. Families need additional resources to deal with all of the logistical and emotional challenges they face. That’s why Empathy was built — and why we partner with companies in the insurance space, to ensure that every beneficiary of a life insurance policy has the tools and guidance they need to get through it all and get back on their feet. We have forged important partnerships with some of the biggest life insurance carriers in the country, bringing our services and platform to their beneficiaries, helping to cement the satisfaction and loyalty of those families. And we’ve joined with several of their counterparts in the digital insurance world, integrating with their claims processes to support and guide their beneficiaries. As our presence in the insurance world has grown, we’ve also been fortunate to form partnerships with insurtech organizations, technology companies that serve the industry as a whole with innovative solutions that smooth and transform every aspect of the insurance journey. By partnering with these digital pioneers, which work with hundreds of carriers, Empathy breaks down barriers and improves the beneficiary experience across the industry, meeting families where they are and bringing them the assistance and comfort that they need at the hardest time in their lives.

That’s why we’re so proud and pleased to announce our partnership with Majesco, a leading provider of SaaS (software as a service) platforms solutions to insurance carriers. Over 350 insurers, from startups to some of the world’s largest insurance companies, use Majesco’s SaaS solutions to provide a smoother claims intake process and benefit from an advanced claims management and fulfillment platform. By combining Empathy’s product and resources for beneficiaries with these customized SaaS solutions, we will ensure that more beneficiaries have seamless access to comprehensive bereavement care as a unified experience within their own carrier’s services. This builds Empathy’s momentum in the insurtech space, joining our partnerships with insurance software trailblazers like FINEOS, Benekiva, and more. Together, we are pushing the limits of beneficiary care, changing the life insurance landscape to ensure that every claimant gets the guidance and support they need to get through the difficult weeks and months after loss.

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