Providing bereavement care to millions more, through MetLife

Published on Aug 22, 2023

Peace of mind is an invaluable gift, one that insurance companies have been dedicated to offering to families for generations. For this reason, life insurance is a lifeline for families as they begin to face the most devastating days of their lives. 

Insurance plays a vital role in providing financial support for families, yet it is just one of the first steps beneficiaries take after the loss of a loved one. Having the support needed to face even the daunting and time-consuming challenges of the weeks and months that follow a loss is another level of peace of mind.

That’s why it is such an honor for us to support millions of beneficiaries in the future through a new collaboration with MetLife. Beneficiary families will have access to holistic bereavement care that they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise—so that when the inevitable happens, MetLife and Empathy will be there for those families every step of the way.

This collaboration represents a major step forward for Empathy, and a major shift in group life insurance.

A market leader in group life that partners with some of America’s largest employers, MetLife is unlocking a new level of care for a substantial population: Their beneficiary families will have sustained, comprehensive support as they face daunting emotional, financial, legal, and administrative challenges.

As our 2023 Cost of Dying Report showed, it takes families, on average, 12.5 months to resolve all financial matters—and families report spending a median of 12 hours per week on these specific tasks alone.

This collaboration represents a major step forward for Empathy, and a major shift in group life insurance, with leading carriers recognizing the value of integrating Empathy’s services into their support for beneficiaries.

MetLife and Empathy are recognizing that peace of mind comes in many forms—and together we are committed to meeting families where they are and offering care that truly supports their needs. And we are dedicated to being there for MetLife’s customers every step of the way, through the claim process and beyond.

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