Teaming up to create a better beneficiary experience

Published on Feb 21, 2023

After a loved one passes away, the family can be saddled with a massive burden. It costs them a great deal, in money, in time, in stress, health, and more. Many families rely on life insurance to lighten the load, and it can go a long way toward mitigating the financial fallout and supporting the family through a tough time. But families are often in need of additional resources, particularly when it comes to the emotional and bureaucratic hurdles they face in the weeks and months after their loss.

As we grow and advance on our mission to help the world deal with loss, Empathy has thus led the way in beneficiary care, partnering with carriers so they can offer families much-needed guidance and resources beyond the financial. We have forged partnerships with players from across the industry, from the largest and most venerated carriers to their younger online counterparts.

As important as these partnerships are, however, it is a special achievement when we are able to partner with a technology company that serves the industry as a whole. Partnerships like this allow us to magnify our impact, meeting more families where they are in increasingly seamless and intuitive ways. 

We are therefore very excited to announce our partnership with FINEOS, the leading global provider of SaaS (software as a service) enterprise claims software to the insurance industry. By integrating Empathy’s resources for beneficiaries with FINEOS’ automated claims software, we will together be able to offer a better overall experience for beneficiaries, from the moment of their claim and all the way through the weeks and months that follow.

The no-code configuration capabilities of FINEOS Claims will allow Empathy to be integrated into intake call scripts, process flows, and self-service portals, giving the family immediate access to the full range of administrative and emotional support available through Empathy. Thus the life insurance carriers FINEOS serves will be equipped with everything they need to provide the comprehensive support their customers deserve. 

In turn, this partnership extends Empathy’s reach and expands our technical integrations, coming as it does on the heels of our exciting partnership with Benekiva, a leading provider of claims- and policy-processing software. We are thrilled to be forging new frontiers in beneficiary care, marshaling all of our resources to make sure every life insurance claimant has the guidance and support they need to get through all the challenges of loss.

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