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It’s been a year full of loss. We’re here to help.


Loss is one of the hardest things any of us will deal with. Losing a loved one during the pandemic makes every part of it so much harder.

Maybe you're not able to be with those you love, just when you need them the most. Or you have to handle legal details while government offices are closed. Or you feel like your grief will be swallowed up by the whole world's pain.

We know how lonely it can be, and how it all adds to your sadness, grief, and frustration every day. And although we, like everyone else, may be far away, we want to reach out and help you get through it, via both our app and our free library of online resources.

Personalized guidance.

Get the personalized steps you need, based on your unique situation and at your own pace.

Grief support

Original audio on the complexities of grief, to help you find some insight, reassurance, and calm.

Dedicated care specialists.

Chat with an expert who understands what you’re going through and can answer all your questions.

COVID-19 resources

Our extensive knowledge library covers every aspect of the weeks and months following the death of a loved one, including a wealth of useful information for these tumultuous times.