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Why AT&T sought new ways to care for employees

AT&T stands as a titan in the telecommunications industry, with a vast network spanning the United States and beyond. AT&T serves millions of customers with its comprehensive range of services, including mobile and fixed-line communications, internet, and entertainment. In an effort to provide well-rounded support for employees and their families, AT&T turned to Empathy. Through Empathy, AT&T reaffirms its dedication to providing comprehensive support during challenging times, aligning with its overarching objective of nurturing a workplace environment that prioritizes the welfare of every individual.

Supporting employees in the moments that matter

Eva, a dedicated employee at AT&T, faced an immense loss when her husband passed away at 39 due to a major heart attack. Amidst Eva’s profound grief, AT&T remained a pillar of support, offering a compassionate environment that allowed Eva to prioritize her family's needs during this challenging time. 

Returning to work, Empathy provided Eva a sense of solace as she navigated the complexities of her family's healing journey. Through this experience, she realized the importance of having support systems in place to help with claiming benefits, estate-related matters, and more—which AT&T seamlessly provided. This allowed Eva to focus on what mattered most: her family's well-being.

A culture of compassion, supported by Empathy

At AT&T, the commitment to supporting every individual employee is deeply ingrained in the company's culture, explains Matthew Phillips, AVP of Benefits. With a focus on employee and retiree well-being, AT&T is committed to providing comprehensive support every moment of every day. This dedication includes life’s most difficult moments, such as the loss of a loved one, where AT&T's offering of Empathy steps in to offer comprehensive, compassionate care. 

From navigating wills and funeral arrangements to providing resources, Empathy addresses various needs, encompassing financial, emotional, physical, and social well-being. The program's effectiveness is evidenced by its high Net Promoter Score (NPS), reflecting the gratitude of employees who have benefited from its support during critical moments of need. 

"The NPS score for empathy is really off the charts. I don’t think it’s a surprise, you meet those significant needs for employees at those really critical moments and they’re going to be very grateful"—Matthew Phillips, AVP Benefits at AT&T

Through Empathy, AT&T remains committed to fostering a holistic environment where employees can thrive both personally and professionally.

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