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Elevating the group life experience for employers and beneficiaries

Continuing a legacy of care

As one of the largest insurers in the country, MetLife has long been a leader in the group life insurance space. Today, over 80% of Fortune 500 and 95% of Fortune 100 companies are MetLife customers. As group life offerings continue to grow and change alongside our ever-evolving workforce, MetLife incorporated Empathy into their offerings and revamped their approach to beneficiary care.

“Empathy seemed like a natural extension of the way that we care for employees in the group life insurance space, because we recognize that it's such a significant life event for someone to lose a loved one.”

Julian Kowalski, Senior Vice President of Group Benefits at MetLife

Prioritizing employee wellbeing with Empathy

Companies that center employee wellbeing know that great benefits are critical to achieving that goal. Employees are more productive and more engaged when they feel cared for and supported by their organization. By showing up in the moments that matter most, employers can improve employee wellbeing and foster a culture of compassion. 

MetLife provides their group life customers with best-in-class services and offerings to support employees during life’s most difficult moments. Through their partnership with Empathy, MetLife gives organizations the tools and resources to take the best possible care of employees and their families. 

With Empathy’s award-winning product, which combines time-saving tools and useful resources with real-time guidance from a professional care team, beneficiaries receive assistance for every emotional and practical issue they face after their loss. This refreshed approach to beneficiary care helps MetLife raise the bar for their employer clients.

Give beneficiaries the care they deserve

Join us in bringing Empathy to every family experiencing the challenges of loss.