Improving DEI+B through bereavement care

Loss as a cultural experience: exploring how organizations can support the diversity of their workforce through their response to care and loss.


Paurvi Bhatt

Paurvi Bhatt

MPH, Healthcare Executive, Care Economy Leader, and Empathy Advisor

As an advocate for caregiving, loss and bereavement, Paurvi uses her lived experience and her health systems and leadership expertise to help ensure greater inclusion of women of color and immigrants in strategies that enable health and care at home for the elderly. 

Dr. Julie Shaw

Dr. Julie Shaw

Grief Advocate and D&I consultant

Julie is a change agent who has devoted her time and expertise to the field of diversity and inclusion as an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, women’s equity, and social justice. She is also the founder of Hello I’m Grieving, a grief awareness brand and community geared toward grief awareness, visibility, and education.

Kim Blue

Kim Blue

Strategist, Advisor and Coach to C-Level Leaders, Human Capital & HR Leader, Forbes HR Council Member

Kim Blue helps organizations align their people strategy, business goals, and values to shape employee experiences that fuel success. Her years of experience creating and executing strategies for top-flight organizations such as ESPN, Microsoft and businesses in the tech/fintech arenas have made her an in-demand consultant to C-suite and senior executives and an influential thought leader among HR professionals.

Webinar Details

Bereavement is a personal experience, one that is guided by cultural traditions that vary across communities. In order to provide truly meaningful bereavement care, organizations need to understand how cultures, traditions, and backgrounds impact an employee’s experience and understanding of grief. 

This webinar brings together three leading experts to discuss the intersection of DEI+B practices and bereavement care, and how organizations can support the diversity of their workforce through their response to care and loss. 

Please join us on March 29th at 10 am PT/1 pm ET to attend “Improving DEI+B through bereavement caret”, a panel with caregiving advocate expert Paurvi Bhatt, grief educator and DEI+B consultant Dr. Julie Shaw, and HR strategist, advisor and coach and Forbes HR Council member Kim Blue to learn all about how you can incorporate DEI+B practices into your bereavement policy.